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Cloud Platform

Deliver complete monitoring and control projects with our IoT-based solutions



Any device or data source can be connected. Multiple industrial and IoT protocols supported.


Modbus / M-Bus gateways, smart meters, data concentrators periodically send data to our platform.


Real-time fully customizable dashboards and graphs and multiple exportation features for advanced analysis.


Alarms and notifications enhance optimization rules. Our API can push and pull data to third party applications.


Designed to bring you exactly what you need in the way you want

Common core

Keeping a robust and common core for any application, a fully customized user interface is provided for each market needs.

Data analysis

You will be able to access historic or current measurements in data (tables) and graphical mode, but also compare signals,show trends,and calculate means and deviations.


Export relevant data periodically to your desired easy-to-handle format(PDF, Excel, Plain text). Just choose the period, the format and the data you want and Concordia will do the rest.


You will never need to refer to the user manual, Concordia interface is intentionally simple and intuitive. Tailor-made SCADA or Views will enhance user experience.

Scalable database

Our developers spend a lot of time optimizing the database to be as fast and secure as it can be. API access is also available under request.

Third party data integration

Weather data/forecasts, geolocation of devices and even social networks can be seamlessly integrated into Concordia database.

Use Cases


From simple remote reading of an electricity meter up to a complex submetering infrastructure, we provide all our background both on hardware and software fulfilling your interests.

  • Automated meter reading infrastructure for fiscal meters including protocols such as IEC102, DLMS/COSEM. Fused gas, water and electricity measurement data to support decision making process
  • Integration of submetering devices such as power analyzers, confort/occupancy sensors and many more
  • Configurable alarm sending service for power excess, reactive energy or any other facility parameter
  • Ad-hoc automatic report generation
  • Bill simulation by collecting real-time energy price from the market

Air Quality Monitoring

We provide real time monitoring of environmental particles or dangerous gases concentrations in hazardous areas such as petrochemical plants or its surrounding areas and in any city with traffic pollution problems.

  • Integration of air quality sensing units measuring key traffic pollutants: nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and particulate matter (PM) or weather stations
  • Configurable alarm sending service for pollution level excess
  • Data exportation to third party tools such as Smart Cities platforms
  • Ad-hoc automatic report generation

Flood Monitoring and Smart Water Solutions

Water monitoring involves many different activities, from ensuring the quality of surface or underground water, both for human beings and animal life, to the monitoring of a nationwide water infrastructure. We deliver a wide range of scalable smart water services including the following:

  • Water quality continuous monitoring including parameters such as turbidity, pH, specific electrical conductance (EC), dissolved O2 (DO)
  • Water distribution management monitoring flow & pressure levels, leakage detection or water level in river basins or irrigation canals
  • Water usage data collection from any water meter
  • Configurable alarm sending service for abnormal values
  • Ad-hoc automatic report generation

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